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Conchylinet v.2.9 - 2014-04-16
298719 visits since Jan. 2007.


[2018-06-20]  Conchylinet reached 2000 species!
Dear visitors, after having being over 10 years online, Conchylinet is pleased to annouce that its database holds over 2000 molluscs species. 2000
The species plates tool becomes more and more reliable for the identification of shelled and non shelled molluscs. Some Oceans part are still under-represented but the database covers more species than most general books.
[2017-10-25]  Mollusc taxonomy training workshop
Last week I had the chance to participate to the molluscs taxonomy workhop held in Mauritius and organized by the Mauritius Oceanography Institute (MOI).
For those interested I wrote a small report about it. To read it just click here.
[2017-01-12]  Seashells of New Zealand
NEW_ZEALAND Dear visitor, I wish you the best for this new 2017 year.
Today Conchylinet holds a decent number of common New Zealand species and can be used to perform identifications of shells from this part of the world. Most mollusks from NZ are not to be found anywhere else and are endemic of this two-islands state.
I recommend you to visit New Zealand Mollusca if you need a bigger species range, this site also includes micro molluscs and the terrestrial fauna.
[2015-12-31]  Toward 2016
Hello, 2015 comes to its end. I hope this year was good for you, for the Earth it was just another bad year which experienced the warmest year since we record temperature.
Looking at the recent past we can expect 2016 to be worse: pollution, poverty, nature resources declining... All of this because we, humans, are just too many. Unfortunately sciences, techs and civics advances are too slow to compensate overpopulation impacts. So, unless stopping spreading children, little can be done.
But it is still possible to admire what Nature has built and amongst all these wonders our molluscs and their shells!


[2019-09-21]  Addition of miscellaneous species
11 species from various provinces have been added into the database. They are:
Meretrix petechialis, Diplodonta lateralis, Mitra decurtata, Tectus conus, Planaxis obsoletus, Kyrina kyrina, Chromodoris hamiltoni, Atrina seminuda, Europicardium caparti, Hebra nigra and Sunetta bruggeni.
[2019-06-22]  Addition of miscellaneous species
14 species from various provinces have been added into the database. They are:
Trigonostoma stenomphala, Turbo cornutus, Anomia cytaeum, Umbonium giganteum, Cellana nigrolineata, Austromacoma constricta, Mactra chinensis, Donax victoris, Paphies donacina, Donax purpurascens, Lophiotoma indica, Ctena divergens, Littoraria pintado and Turbo undulatus.
[2019-04-29]  Addition of common species from Japan
11 species from the Japanese province have been added into the database. They are:
Mitrella bicincta, Reishia bronni, Umbonium costatum, Nerita japonica, Nippoacmea concinna, Mactra quadrangularis, Macoma incongrua, Limnoperna fortunei, Anadara satowi, Nassarius festivus and Littorina brevicula.
[2019-04-06]  Addition of species from Southern Hemisphere
12 species have been added into the database. They mostly come from the Southern Hemisphere. They are:
Fusinus townsendi, Circe intermedia, Nerita umlaasiana, Nerita spengleriana, Spisula murchisoni, Cymbula compressa, Hiatula nitida, Cabestana tabulata, Calloarca tenella, Eunaticina papilla, Mitra contracta and Gari livida.
[2019-02-16]  Addition of species from various areas
9 species have just been added to the database. They come from various oceans. They are:
Diodora variegata, Diloma bicanaliculata, Amalda australis, Spondylus spectrum, Conus mozambicus, Calthalotia strigata, Homalocantha anatomica, Pseudostomatella articulata and Turbo marmoratus.
[2019-01-13]  Addition of species from Mediterranean Sea
10 species from Mediterranean Sea (North-East Atlantic province) have been added into the database. They are:
Parvicardium scriptum, Coralliophila squamosa, Mangelia taeniata, Alvania cimex, Parvicardium exiguum, Cassidaria echinophora, Gibbula philberti, Nucula nucleus, Tonna galea and Gibbula richardi.
[2018-12-27]  Addition of species from South-East USA
13 species from South-East USA (Caribbean Province) have just been added into the database. They are:
Globivenus rigida, Hysteroconcha circinata, Callucina keenae, Atrina rigida, Pilsbryspira albocincta, Donax denticulatus, Cerithium lutosum, Tellina laevigata, Anatina anatina, Astraea phoebia, Terebra dislocata, Mactrotoma fragilis and Vermicularia spirata.