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Amiantis callosa
Amiantis callosa zoom
Anomalocardia brasiliana
Anomalocardia brasiliana zoom
Anomalocardia squamosa
Anomalocardia squamosa zoom
Antigona chemnitzii
Antigona chemnitzii zoom
Antigona clathrata
Antigona clathrata zoom
Antigona crispata
Antigona crispata zoom
Antigona lamellaris
Antigona lamellaris zoom
Antigona listeri
Antigona listeri zoom
Antigona persimilis
Antigona persimilis zoom
Antigona puerpera
Antigona puerpera zoom
Antigona reticulata
Antigona reticulata zoom
Austrovenus stutchburyi
Austrovenus stutchburyi zoom
Bassina disjecta
Bassina disjecta zoom
Callista accincta
Callista accincta zoom
Callista chione
Callista chione zoom
Callista diemenensis
Callista diemenensis zoom
Callista erycina
Callista erycina zoom
Callista erycinella
Callista erycinella zoom
Callista florida
Callista florida zoom
Callista impar
Callista impar zoom
Callista kingii
Callista kingii zoom
Callista multiradiata
Callista multiradiata zoom
Callista planatella
Callista planatella zoom
Callista spuma
Callista spuma zoom
8 PLATES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

24 species illustrated.