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72 species returned.

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Conus arenatus
Conus arenatus zoom
Conus aulicus
Conus aulicus zoom
Conus aureus paulucciae
Conus aureus paulucciae zoom
Conus balteatus
Conus balteatus zoom
Conus bandanus
Conus bandanus zoom
Conus barthelemyi
Conus barthelemyi zoom
Conus betulinus
Conus betulinus zoom
Conus capitaneus
Conus capitaneus zoom
Conus catus
Conus catus zoom
Conus chaldaeus
Conus chaldaeus zoom
Conus circumactus
Conus circumactus zoom
Conus coronatus
Conus coronatus zoom
Conus distans
Conus distans zoom
Conus dorreensis
Conus dorreensis zoom
Conus ebraeus
Conus ebraeus zoom
Conus eburneus
Conus eburneus zoom
Conus emaciatus
Conus emaciatus zoom
Conus episcopatus
Conus episcopatus zoom
Conus figulinus
Conus figulinus zoom
Conus flavidus
Conus flavidus zoom
Conus frigidus
Conus frigidus zoom
Conus fulgetrum
Conus fulgetrum zoom
Conus fuscatus
Conus fuscatus zoom
Conus geographus
Conus geographus zoom
4 PLATES 1 2 3 4

24 species illustrated.