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24 species returned.

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Ancilla acuminata
Ancilla acuminata zoom
Ancilla sarda
Ancilla sarda zoom
Oliva amethystina
Oliva amethystina zoom
Oliva annulata
Oliva annulata zoom
Oliva australis
Oliva australis zoom
Oliva bulbosa
Oliva bulbosa zoom
Oliva caerulea
Oliva caerulea zoom
Oliva carneola
Oliva carneola zoom
Oliva carneola adspersa
Oliva carneola adspersa zoom
Oliva elegans
Oliva elegans zoom
Oliva faba
Oliva faba zoom
Oliva jaspidea
Oliva jaspidea zoom
Oliva minicea
Oliva minicea zoom
Oliva mustelina
Oliva mustelina zoom
Oliva nitidula
Oliva nitidula zoom
Oliva oliva longispira
Oliva oliva longispira zoom
Oliva panniculata
Oliva panniculata zoom
Oliva panniculata williamsi
Oliva panniculata williamsi zoom
Oliva pica
Oliva pica zoom
Oliva reticulata
Oliva reticulata zoom
Oliva sidelia
Oliva sidelia zoom
Oliva todosina
Oliva todosina zoom
Oliva tremulina
Oliva tremulina zoom
Oliva volvaroides
Oliva volvaroides zoom
2 PLATES 1 2

24 species illustrated.