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Conchylinet v.2.9 - 2014-04-16
1732034 visits since Jan. 2007.


[2018-06-20]  Conchylinet reached 2000 species!
Dear visitors, after having being over 10 years online, Conchylinet is pleased to annouce that its database holds over 2000 molluscs species. 2000
The species plates tool becomes more and more reliable for the identification of shelled and non shelled molluscs. Some Oceans part are still under-represented but the database covers more species than most general books.
[2017-10-25]  Mollusc taxonomy training workshop
Last week I had the chance to participate to the molluscs taxonomy workhop held in Mauritius and organized by the Mauritius Oceanography Institute (MOI).
For those interested I wrote a small report about it. To read it just click here.
[2017-01-12]  Seashells of New Zealand
NEW_ZEALAND Dear visitor, I wish you the best for this new 2017 year.
Today Conchylinet holds a decent number of common New Zealand species and can be used to perform identifications of shells from this part of the world. Most mollusks from NZ are not to be found anywhere else and are endemic of this two-islands state.
I recommend you to visit New Zealand Mollusca if you need a bigger species range, this site also includes micro molluscs and the terrestrial fauna.
[2015-12-31]  Toward 2016
Hello, 2015 comes to its end. I hope this year was good for you, for the Earth it was just another bad year which experienced the warmest year since we record temperature.
Looking at the recent past we can expect 2016 to be worse: pollution, poverty, nature resources declining... All of this because we, humans, are just too many. Unfortunately sciences, techs and civics advances are too slow to compensate overpopulation impacts. So, unless stopping spreading children, little can be done.
But it is still possible to admire what Nature has built and amongst all these wonders our molluscs and their shells!


[2022-08-04]  Caribbean species addition
11 species from the Carribean region have been added into the database. Click below for more details:
Euvola ziczac, Donax hanleyanus, Marsupina bufo, Plicopurpura patula, Opeatostoma pseudodon, Nerita scabricosta, Fissurella nimbosa, Tonna maculosa, Divaricella quadrisulcata, Nerita virginea and Diodora viridula.
[2022-05-28]  Species addition
12 species from various locations have been added into the database. Click below for more details:
Clanculus plebejus, Leucozonia ocellata, Leukoma decussata, Heteromacoma irus, Leucozonia rudis, Vexillum microzonias, Mactra iridescens, Nassarius erythraeus, Terebra quoygaimardi, Cypraea turdus, Pteraeolidia ianthina, Nassarius fratercula and Architectonica trochlearis.
[2022-03-05]  Species addition
10 species from various locations have been added into the database. Click below for more details:
Lithophaga lithophaga, Saxidomus purpurata, Tiberia pulchella, Priotrochus kotschyi, Trapezium oblongum, Rissoina myosoroides, Eucithara alacris, Cypraea acicularis, Harpa cabriti and Calthalotia mundula.
[2021-09-26]  Species addition
Terebra ornata, Brachidontes pharaonis, Cymatium vestitum, Cymbula oculus, Tectonatica tecta, Tellina donacina, Cronia aurantiaca, Burnupena cincta, Cronia ochrostoma and Tapes variegatus.
[2021-04-16]  Atlantic and Mediterranean species addition
12 species from Atlantic and Mediterranean (North-East Atlantic province) have been added into the database. Click below for more détails:
Pirenella conica, Pteria hirundo, Turritella decipiens, Umbraculum mediterraneum, Abra alba, Pinctada imbricata, Thyasira flexuosa, Naytiopsis granum, Flexopecten flexuosus, Monodonta edulis, Modiolus modiolus and Spondylus gaederopus.
[2021-03-05]  Species addition
14 species from various areas have been added to the database. Click below for more détails:
Margistrombus marginatus, Laternula elliptica, Arca pacifica, Monodonta perplexa, Gari chinensis, Hiatula rosea, Thais virgata, Dosinia crebra, Adamnestia arachis, Onchidella floridana, Hebra subspinosa, Diodora lineata, Cymatium durbanensis and Cymbium glans.
[2020-11-15]  Addition of several species
12 species have just been added to the database. Click below for more détails:
Melongena melongena, Strigilla cyrenoidea, Gemophos sanguinolentus, Diloma arida, Colus gracilis, Sepia apama, Jujubinus polychromus, Astraea latispina, Crubilulum auricula, Tivela stultorum and Spondylus violascens.