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Conchylinet v.2.9 - 2014-04-16
2918757 visits since Jan. 2007.

Versions history

2.9.12015-09-03. Display improvements on the collecting sites map
  points size and color vary accordingly to the site species diversity
2.92014-04-16. Upgrade of the interactive plates page:
  - Shell shapes filter added
2.8.32012-02-10. Upgrade of the interactive plates page:
  - Taxons order dropdown list added to the specie query
2.8.22011-07-26. Upgrade of the home page:
  - Addition of 3 random recent photographs thumbnails
2.8.12010-09-16. Upgrade of the interactive plates page:
  - More countries available from the interactive plates page. Mauritius seashells plates became obsolete
  - Addition of the optional quick info box
2.82010-09-07. Database structure improved
2.72009-11-20. Species variation and distribution maps added
2.5.12009-08-12. Bug corrected in the unidentified shells section filter
2.52009-08-01. General style improvement
2.4.3Malacological province map upgraded
2.4.2Mauritius seashells interactive plates corrected
2.4.1Improved specie popup behaviour with Microsoft Internet Explorer
2.4Visits XiTi reports added
2.3.1Selected seashells sites page updated
2.3Search tool added in Browse Collection section
Compatibility enhanced with Microsoft Internet Explorer
2.2All specie thumbnails and interactive plates grouped on the same page
Left menu upgraded
2.1General seashells sections reorganized and updated
2.0.2Home page upgraded with a random slideshow of specie pictures
2.0.1Collecting sites map now works with Microsoft Internet Explorer
Language is selected with a click on the flag image
2.0Interactive map feature added in the Collecting sites section
1.0Collecting section uploaded
0.9Interactive plates upgraded: dropdown lists are updated regardless of the parameters sequence
0.8Site photo enlargement popup added
Unidentified shells section improved with ability to post/read id proposals
Interactive plates upgraded: possibility to choose the number of rows and columns
Malacological province section added
0.7Your shells section added
0.6Collect sites page updated with detailed collect report
Interactive plates upgraded
0.5Unidentified shells section added
0.4Home page updated with a random specie picture and stats
0.3News and updates page added
0.2Interactive collection browser added (interactive plates tool)
0.1All species list and thumbnails sections added