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31 species returned.

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Antillophos roseatus
Antillophos roseatus zoom
Caducifer truncatus
Caducifer truncatus zoom
Cantharus erythrostomus
Cantharus erythrostomus zoom
Cantharus fumosus
Cantharus fumosus zoom
Cantharus undosus
Cantharus undosus zoom
Clivipollia fragaria
Clivipollia fragaria zoom
Clivipollia pulchra
Clivipollia pulchra zoom
Colubraria muricata
Colubraria muricata zoom
Colubraria nitidula
Colubraria nitidula zoom
Colubraria sowerbyi
Colubraria sowerbyi zoom
Colubraria tenera
Colubraria tenera zoom
Engina alveolata
Engina alveolata zoom
Engina bonasia
Engina bonasia zoom
Engina lineata
Engina lineata zoom
Engina mendicaria
Engina mendicaria zoom
Engina mendicaria unilineata
Engina mendicaria unilineata zoom
Engina recurva
Engina recurva zoom
Engina zea
Engina zea zoom
Engina zonalis
Engina zonalis zoom
Phos cyanostoma
Phos cyanostoma zoom
Phos senticosus
Phos senticosus zoom
Phos textum
Phos textum zoom
Pisania fasciculata
Pisania fasciculata zoom
Pisania ignea
Pisania ignea zoom
2 PLATES 1 2

24 species illustrated.