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36 species returned.

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Acrosterigma maculosum
Acrosterigma maculosum zoom
Acrosterigma mauritianum
Acrosterigma mauritianum zoom
Acrosterigma simplex
Acrosterigma simplex zoom
Acrosterigma transcendens
Acrosterigma transcendens zoom
Corculum cardissa
Corculum cardissa zoom
Ctenocardia fornicata
Ctenocardia fornicata zoom
Ctenocardia translata
Ctenocardia translata zoom
Ctenocardia virgo
Ctenocardia virgo zoom
Fragum erugatum
Fragum erugatum zoom
Fragum fragum
Fragum fragum zoom
Fragum hemicardium
Fragum hemicardium zoom
Fragum retusum
Fragum retusum zoom
Fragum unedo
Fragum unedo zoom
Fulvia aperta
Fulvia aperta zoom
Fulvia australis
Fulvia australis zoom
Fulvia boholensis
Fulvia boholensis zoom
Fulvia dulcis
Fulvia dulcis zoom
Fulvia fragilis
Fulvia fragilis zoom
Fulvia lineonotata
Fulvia lineonotata zoom
Fulvia undatopicta
Fulvia undatopicta zoom
Laevicardium biradiatum
Laevicardium biradiatum zoom
Lyrocardium lyratum
Lyrocardium lyratum zoom
Maoricardium pseudolima
Maoricardium pseudolima zoom
Plagiocardium pseudolatum
Plagiocardium pseudolatum zoom
2 PLATES 1 2

24 species illustrated.