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Cancilla filaris
Cancilla filaris zoom
Domiporta carnicolor
Domiporta carnicolor zoom
Imbricaria olivaeformis
Imbricaria olivaeformis zoom
Imbricaria punctata
Imbricaria punctata zoom
Imbricaria vanikorensis
Imbricaria vanikorensis zoom
Mitra acuminata
Mitra acuminata zoom
Mitra cardinalis
Mitra cardinalis zoom
Mitra chrysostoma
Mitra chrysostoma zoom
Mitra coffea
Mitra coffea zoom
Mitra contracta
Mitra contracta zoom
Mitra coronata
Mitra coronata zoom
Mitra cucumerina
Mitra cucumerina zoom
Mitra edentula
Mitra edentula zoom
Mitra fastigium
Mitra fastigium zoom
Mitra ferruginea
Mitra ferruginea zoom
Mitra fraga
Mitra fraga zoom
Mitra incompta
Mitra incompta zoom
Mitra mitra
Mitra mitra zoom
Mitra multiplicata
Mitra multiplicata zoom
Mitra pediculus
Mitra pediculus zoom
Mitra pellisserpentis
Mitra pellisserpentis zoom
Mitra rubiginea
Mitra rubiginea zoom
Mitra rubritincta
Mitra rubritincta zoom
Mitra rueppellii
Mitra rueppellii zoom
3 PLATES 1 2 3

24 species illustrated.