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64 species returned.

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Aspella producta
Aspella producta zoom
Chicoreus brunneus
Chicoreus brunneus zoom
Chicoreus microphyllus
Chicoreus microphyllus zoom
Chicoreus ramosus
Chicoreus ramosus zoom
Chicoreus saulii
Chicoreus saulii zoom
Chicoreus torrefactus
Chicoreus torrefactus zoom
Cronia aurantiaca
Cronia aurantiaca zoom
Cronia avellana
Cronia avellana zoom
Cronia ochrostoma
Cronia ochrostoma zoom
Dicathais orbita
Dicathais orbita zoom
Drupa clathrata
Drupa clathrata zoom
Drupa grossularia
Drupa grossularia zoom
Drupa lobata
Drupa lobata zoom
Drupa morum
Drupa morum zoom
Drupa ricinus
Drupa ricinus zoom
Drupa rubusidaeus
Drupa rubusidaeus zoom
Drupella cornus
Drupella cornus zoom
Drupella fraga
Drupella fraga zoom
Drupella margariticola
Drupella margariticola zoom
Drupella rugosa
Drupella rugosa zoom
Ergalatax crassulnata
Ergalatax crassulnata zoom
Farvartia brevicula
Farvartia brevicula zoom
Farvartia minatauros
Farvartia minatauros zoom
Haustellum langleitae
Haustellum langleitae zoom
3 PLATES 1 2 3

24 species illustrated.