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43 species returned.

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Bullia melanoides
Bullia melanoides zoom
Bullia natalensis
Bullia natalensis zoom
Hebra nigra
Hebra nigra zoom
Hebra subspinosa
Hebra subspinosa zoom
Nassarius acuminatus
Nassarius acuminatus zoom
Nassarius acuticostus
Nassarius acuticostus zoom
Nassarius albescens
Nassarius albescens zoom
Nassarius arcularius
Nassarius arcularius zoom
Nassarius bellulus
Nassarius bellulus zoom
Nassarius bicallosus
Nassarius bicallosus zoom
Nassarius callospira
Nassarius callospira zoom
Nassarius candens
Nassarius candens zoom
Nassarius comptus
Nassarius comptus zoom
Nassarius concinnus
Nassarius concinnus zoom
Nassarius conoidalis
Nassarius conoidalis zoom
Nassarius coronatus
Nassarius coronatus zoom
Nassarius coronulus
Nassarius coronulus zoom
Nassarius crebricostatus
Nassarius crebricostatus zoom
Nassarius delicatus
Nassarius delicatus zoom
Nassarius distortus
Nassarius distortus zoom
Nassarius dorsatus
Nassarius dorsatus zoom
Nassarius echinatus
Nassarius echinatus zoom
Nassarius erythraeus
Nassarius erythraeus zoom
Nassarius gaudiosus
Nassarius gaudiosus zoom
2 PLATES 1 2

24 species illustrated.