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29 species returned.

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Neripteron simoni
Neripteron simoni zoom
Nerita albicilla
Nerita albicilla zoom
Nerita aterrima
Nerita aterrima zoom
Nerita atramentosa
Nerita atramentosa zoom
Nerita chamaeleon
Nerita chamaeleon zoom
Nerita costata
Nerita costata zoom
Nerita exuvia
Nerita exuvia zoom
Nerita grossa
Nerita grossa zoom
Nerita incerta
Nerita incerta zoom
Nerita insculpta
Nerita insculpta zoom
Nerita litterata
Nerita litterata zoom
Nerita longii
Nerita longii zoom
Nerita magdalenae
Nerita magdalenae zoom
Nerita maxima
Nerita maxima zoom
Nerita planospira
Nerita planospira zoom
Nerita plicata
Nerita plicata zoom
Nerita polita
Nerita polita zoom
Nerita quadricolor
Nerita quadricolor zoom
Nerita sanguinolenta
Nerita sanguinolenta zoom
Nerita spengleriana
Nerita spengleriana zoom
Nerita textilis
Nerita textilis zoom
Nerita umlaasiana
Nerita umlaasiana zoom
Nerita undata
Nerita undata zoom
Neritina gagates
Neritina gagates zoom
2 PLATES 1 2

24 species illustrated.