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30 species returned.

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Arcopagia scobinata
Arcopagia scobinata zoom
Exotica donaciformis
Exotica donaciformis zoom
Jactellina clathrata
Jactellina clathrata zoom
Leporimetis spectabilis
Leporimetis spectabilis zoom
Macoma candida
Macoma candida zoom
Macoma obliquilineata
Macoma obliquilineata zoom
Nitidotellina valdiviae
Nitidotellina valdiviae zoom
Omala acuminata
Omala acuminata zoom
Pharaonella pharaonis
Pharaonella pharaonis zoom
Pharaonella semilaevis
Pharaonella semilaevis zoom
Quadrans gargadia
Quadrans gargadia zoom
Quidnipagus palatam
Quidnipagus palatam zoom
Scissulina dispar
Scissulina dispar zoom
Serratina fimbriata
Serratina fimbriata zoom
Strigilla cyrenoidea
Strigilla cyrenoidea zoom
Strigilla splendida
Strigilla splendida zoom
Tellina australis
Tellina australis zoom
Tellina breviata
Tellina breviata zoom
Tellina capsoides
Tellina capsoides zoom
Tellina inflata
Tellina inflata zoom
Tellina pinguis
Tellina pinguis zoom
Tellina robusta
Tellina robusta zoom
Tellina verrucosa
Tellina verrucosa zoom
Tellinella cruciata
Tellinella cruciata zoom
2 PLATES 1 2

24 species illustrated.