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35 species returned.

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Austrocochlea rudis
Austrocochlea rudis zoom
Calthalotia arruensis
Calthalotia arruensis zoom
Calthalotia mundula
Calthalotia mundula zoom
Calthalotia strigata
Calthalotia strigata zoom
Cantharidus pulcherrimus
Cantharidus pulcherrimus zoom
Chrysostoma paradoxum
Chrysostoma paradoxum zoom
Clanculus atropurpureus
Clanculus atropurpureus zoom
Clanculus flosculus
Clanculus flosculus zoom
Clanculus largillierti
Clanculus largillierti zoom
Clanculus microdon
Clanculus microdon zoom
Clanculus pharaonius
Clanculus pharaonius zoom
Clanculus puniceus
Clanculus puniceus zoom
Jujubinus polychromus
Jujubinus polychromus zoom
Jujubinus suarezensis
Jujubinus suarezensis zoom
Monilea callifera
Monilea callifera zoom
Monilea satorium
Monilea satorium zoom
Monodonta canalifera
Monodonta canalifera zoom
Monodonta labio
Monodonta labio zoom
Monodonta nebulosa
Monodonta nebulosa zoom
Priotrochus kotschyi
Priotrochus kotschyi zoom
Priotrochus obscurus
Priotrochus obscurus zoom
Pseudominolia splendens
Pseudominolia splendens zoom
Pseudostomatella articulata
Pseudostomatella articulata zoom
Pseudostomatella decolorata
Pseudostomatella decolorata zoom
2 PLATES 1 2

24 species illustrated.