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24 species returned.

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Clanculus corallinus
Clanculus corallinus zoom
Clanculus cruciatus
Clanculus cruciatus zoom
Gibbula albida
Gibbula albida zoom
Gibbula ardens
Gibbula ardens zoom
Gibbula candei
Gibbula candei zoom
Gibbula cinerea
Gibbula cinerea zoom
Gibbula divaratica
Gibbula divaratica zoom
Gibbula fanulum
Gibbula fanulum zoom
Gibbula magus
Gibbula magus zoom
Gibbula pennanti
Gibbula pennanti zoom
Gibbula philberti
Gibbula philberti zoom
Gibbula rarilineata
Gibbula rarilineata zoom
Gibbula richardi
Gibbula richardi zoom
Gibbula turbiniodes
Gibbula turbiniodes zoom
Gibbula umbilicalis
Gibbula umbilicalis zoom
Gibbula umbilicaris
Gibbula umbilicaris zoom
Gibbula varia
Gibbula varia zoom
Jujubinus exasperatus
Jujubinus exasperatus zoom
Jujubinus striatus
Jujubinus striatus zoom
Monodonta articulata
Monodonta articulata zoom
Monodonta edulis
Monodonta edulis zoom
Monodonta lineata
Monodonta lineata zoom
Monodonta turbinata
Monodonta turbinata zoom
Phorcus atratus
Phorcus atratus zoom
2 PLATES 1 2

24 species illustrated.