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27 species returned.

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Antigona persimilis
Antigona persimilis zoom
Bassina disjecta
Bassina disjecta zoom
Callista diemenensis
Callista diemenensis zoom
Callista kingii
Callista kingii zoom
Circe quoyi
Circe quoyi zoom
Circe rivularis
Circe rivularis zoom
Dosinia victoriae
Dosinia victoriae zoom
Eumarcia fumigata
Eumarcia fumigata zoom
Gomphina undulosa
Gomphina undulosa zoom
Irus carditoides
Irus carditoides zoom
Irus crebrelamellatus
Irus crebrelamellatus zoom
Irus crenatus
Irus crenatus zoom
Irus griseus
Irus griseus zoom
Katelysia peronii
Katelysia peronii zoom
Katelysia rhytiphora
Katelysia rhytiphora zoom
Katelysia scalarina
Katelysia scalarina zoom
Placamen flindersi
Placamen flindersi zoom
Placamen placidum
Placamen placidum zoom
Sunetta sunettina
Sunetta sunettina zoom
Sunetta vaginalis
Sunetta vaginalis zoom
Tapes dorsatus
Tapes dorsatus zoom
Tawera gallinula
Tawera gallinula zoom
Tawera lagopus
Tawera lagopus zoom
Tawera spissa
Tawera spissa zoom
2 PLATES 1 2

24 species illustrated.