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Your contribution

Your contribution

You are interested in seashells and you want to bring your contribution to this site ?
You are more than welcome to do so! Get more information about this on the how to contribute section.

Unidentified shells

The collection holds a lot of specimens that I am not currently able to identify.
Main reasons of this are:
    - Bad quality shells: Very worned or severely damaged shells can loose their identification characteristics and thus become harder to identify. Experienced collectors can sometime identify shell even in bad condition thanks to a great knowledge of the species and/or a good knowledge of the collecting place. Some shell might stay impossible to identify, but I cannot be sure of this so I prefer to keep them (just in the case of being able to get better results later).
    - No reference available: If my references (books, papers, web sites, etc.) does not describe a specie that I am trying to identify, I wont be able to find a correct match of it.
    - Juvenile or undersized shells: Some juvenile shells of different species can look the same, this occurs mainly with bivalves.

Feel free to browse the unidentified shells section and if you can identify a specie, do not hesitate to fullfill the form, provide the name, the author and the year of the specie description. And if you could aswell give the reference you used to perform the id, that would be perfect.

Your shells

In your shells section, you will be able to display the shells you brought and the associated informations you provided.
Many thanks for your contribution !

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